Outdoor PE



Sadly, the weather hasn’t been suitable for us to complete our outdoor PE session.  To make sure that Team 6 stays active we have been using routines and dances from Go Noodle in the classroom.  We love dancing and following Zumba routines!

Indoor PE is on a Thursday and weather permitting outdoor PE is on Friday.  Please make sure that PE kits are in school at all times.


Fossil Making

In science, we are investigating ‘Rocks and Soils’.  This week we have been looking at how fossils were formed.  To help our understanding we made mold fossils using Plasticine and casting powder.  We will be excavating our fossils early next week.  We can’t wait to see the results!

Stone Age Experience Day

Thank-you for your support towards our Stone Age Experience day.   Everyone had a fantastic day, roaming the wilderness and experiencing Stone Age life!

The children will be presenting what they did on this exciting day in their next class assembly which will include a slide show of photographs which will explain exactly how everyone got so muddy!  Watch this space for more details.

eSafety – Spring Term 2018

This week, the children have been involved in eSafety sessions.

Firstly, thank you to all of the parents who attended these sessions. It is important that the children are aware of these issues and seeing parents at these sessions, makes it clear that the messages we give at school are also being talked about at home.

They have been reminded of the importance to stay safe online and to tell our trusted adults if we see or hear anything online that upsets us or anything that makes us feel sad, angry or worried.

I therefore have some further information for you regarding this important issue. Safer Internet Advice to Parents. This information helps parents with what to do if your child sees something upsetting online.

It has been made explicitly clear to the children that if they are unsure about anything, or worried, scared, lonely or upset, they should tell one of their trusted adults at home or school to try to help them out. I hope the information above and the links which are included in that post are useful in dealing with the sometimes difficult conversations that can come up if children do see or hear anything which they shouldn’t, online.

Below, you will find links to the quiz which was used in the sessions, along with the answers to these questions. I hope you find these useful. The children should know the answers, as they have been more fully explained during the eSafety sessions.

Mr H’s eSafety Quiz                  Mr H’s eSafety Quiz with Answers

If you have any questions or queries relating to the eSafety sessions which have taken place this week, please do not hesitate to find Mr Higginbotham around school.

Thank you.

The Lower Key Stage 2 CAVE!

After looking at and discussing, with great enthusiasm, cave paintings which were left by prehistoric man we decided to recreate our own masterpieces.

The stony floor of the conservatory helped create a rocky texture for our prehistoric beasts.

Later our drawings were joined with others from Teams 5, 7 & 8 to recreate our very own cave!

New Term – New Topic

Imagine….you were born before the invention of drawing, more than thirty thousand years ago.

This was the starting point of our new topic.  We couldn’t even imagine not being able to draw or write because these are skills we take for granted.

To help understand this difficult question, we looked at some of the first ever drawings.

These drawings gave everyone a huge clue into what our new topic will be about…

They were cave paintings left by prehistoric man!

Our next topic is:



Thank-you for all the effort you have put into completing this half term’s homework tasks.  As always, I am very impressed with the standard of the activities children are completed.

Making a European themed game has been a popular choice.

This snap game was lots of fun to play!

Grown-ups, if you need advice or resources to help you complete any of the homework tasks with your children please feel free to speak to me after school.

Thanks, Miss Capstick